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Direct Mail

Reach Customers With Effective Results

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is an effective way to bring in new leads. Crafted carefully, direct mailers get results.

Our team at First Impressions has extensive knowledge on U.S. Postal regulations, so you can rest assured that your next mailing will be sent out on time and on budget.

Fulfillment & Mail Preparation Services can speed your preparation time for large mailings via the latest advanced technology for addressing, inserting, sorting, and readying your pieces for mailing.

Services include:

  • Address standardization and verification
  • Change of address database matching
  • Folding, inserting, sorting
  • Warehousing of inventory


The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) provides postage discounts based on pre-sorting and saturation, while those that do not comply get penalized. We work closely with USPS to stay up-to-date on these rules to ensure that your mailings are deliverable, and for the lowest possible rates.

  • Barcoding
  • Business Reply Mail (BRMs)
  • Mailing Permits
  • Standard Rate/First Class Rate Mailings

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