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Here’s How to Make a Great First Impression

Here’s How to Make a Great First Impression

We had a little fun recently when Googling how to make a good first impression.

Most tips read like they are prepping you for a first date. Smile. Make engaging small talk. Watch your body language and posture.

So, how does this relate to our name, First Impressions Marketing? It’s got nothing to do with dating, yet everything to do with relationships…business ones that is.

Making a good first impression in marketing your business sets the tone for your company. People make judgements very quickly –  in just two seconds – according to Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink (see sidebar below).

Here’s 5 tips – and how to apply it to your marketing campaigns.

1. Smile and laugh

What? How do you do that in marketing? The advice implies that you should have an open and welcoming way about you. Translate that into marketing tactics…it means using images, design and language in a way that breaks down barriers to would-be customers getting to know you.

2. Hold eye contact

That’s another way of saying keep your audience’s attention.

3. Maintain physical proximity

Well, this can be really dicey advice. In marketing terms this generally means knowing where your audience might be in the buying process. Are they aware that they need you? How close are they to buying? And why should they cozy up to your company and do business with you? It means tay relevant and keep in touch.

4. Start a new conversation

When you begin any marketing campaign it’s important to center key messages on what people find relevant and interesting – not boring or self-serving. You know who we mean…you’ve met these types of people on the dating scene. It doesn’t work in business either.

5. Mimic non-verbal expressions

This is a doozy to translate in marketing terms, but follow along. Mimicking expressions is another way of saying show – don’t tell. Use communication tactics that reflect an audience’s sensitivities and interests – don’t beat them over the head with it. Writing that gets to the heart of the matter, images or videos that illustrate your ideal client’s pain points are tactics that work to endear and engage with your audience.

Making a good first impression in marketing your business sets the tone for your company. After all, just like dating, the goal is to make the kind of first impression that will lead to healthy long-term relationships with your customers.

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