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Don’t Overwhelm Your Marketing Operations

Don’t Overwhelm Your Marketing Operations

When businesses get overwhelmed with their growth, they often put the brakes on marketing because they run out of capacity. But halting or fracturing marketing operations can cause long term damages to the future health of your organization.

By using a “fractional” or part-time chief marketing officer, you can keep and improve marketing team’s focus, as well as onboard new employees effectively. Since they are part time, fractional CMOs can deliver in the time you give them.

Here are 7 signs your business could use the help of a fractional CMO.

  1. No Marketing Leadership

Yes, you may have a social media person, a graphic designer and an administrator keeping your marketing alive, but they have no leadership. Without that leadership, marketing practices tend to become a whack-a-mole approach rather than a cohesive brand strategy.

  1. No Sales Team Support

If there is no consistent marketing support, your business development staff may be forced to create their own promotional flyers or even emails to keep in touch with clients and prospects. If your teams are not using consistent and approved marketing materials, the end result could be weak, scattered, incorrect and confusing information.

  1. No Direction

Having a cohesive vision for marketing objectives is critical to success. Being able to stay the course of that vision is where many marketing efforts fail.

Fractional CMOs can lead, organize, and streamline marketing efforts. They can manage your marketing budget, create effective strategies and manage marketing employees to make sure your vision stays on track.

  1. Lacking Insights

CMO’s are trained to understand how to collect and analyze data. By understanding key performance indicators (KPIs), your fractional CMO can measure results that drive sales and make necessary adjustments to achieve company goals.

  1. Business is not ready for a full time CMO

Full time CMOs can be expensive, so many small businesses cannot justify that cost. But a fractional CMO can keep your marketing dollars spent in the right place and can help keep your in-house teams productive and well informed.

  1. Marketing Failures

If your campaigns are not achieving its goals, a fresh set of eyes can help.

A fractional CMO can work with your existing team to bring new ideas or help develop a new strategy that can better achieve your goals.

  1. You Need an Independent Voice

Because CMO’s may have worked in a variety of industries and are constantly updating their skills, they can bring a fresh perspective to your branding needs.

Is your marketing showing any of these signs of being overwhelmed? Contact us today for a consultation. First Impressions Marketing provides expert services to a variety of industries. Our breadth of experience enables usto bring you a unique perspective on how your marketing efforts could be more effective.

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