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You Can't Move Forward Without A Plan!

We offer what we like to call ‘holistic marketing.’ What this means is that we look at the whole picture, not just one element of a company’s marketing.

For example, when a business owner tells us that they want to run a direct mail or pay-per-click campaign, we first like to assess their current marketing tactics. If the first thing we notice is an outdated, slow-moving website, it’s hard to ignore that big piece of a client’s branding.

So when we start to draw attention to a client’s company, prospective customers will likely visit this sad deterrent of a website – and want to click off of it as soon as possible.

Instead, we like to educate our clients about the marketing process and how potential customers think and make buying decisions (such as hiring an accounting firm or buying a new computer). We highly recommend that our clients begin with a marketing ‘road map’ before we spend any of their hard-earned marketing dollars.

Our team works together with the client to build a marketing strategy – this way, we all know where we’re going, what the expectations are, and how to handle all of the ‘moving parts.’ We have found that companies that start with a plan experience more marketing success than those who do not.

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