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Talk to a live person 24×7 for variable frequency drive repair services and engineering support.

Call Cates when you need variable frequency drive (VFD) repair services, engineering support for our systems, or an assessment of your industrial control components. Need an ABB drive repaired? We are certified to perform repairs with the drive remaining under ABB VFD warranty. We strive to provide exceptional customer service around the clock to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We Support It — Get Help From a Cates Expert

  • Call 800-882-1881 and talk to a live person
  • We’ll answer the phone 24 x 7 x 365
  • Expert support for plant hardware and software
  • On-site and In-House VFD repair
  • Certified to repair under ABB VFD warranty
  • Engineering support for our systems

Specialized VFD Services

Cates has a depth of expertise in drives and motors which dates back to the founding of our company over 40 years ago.

On-Site VFD Repair

Have a VFD down? Our team will:

DISPATCH. We’ll send an experienced technician to resolve the issue on-site or bring the component back to our in-house repair center for evaluation. As a stocking distributor, we often have replacement parts on hand, ready to ship out and drop in.

ASSIST. Regardless of the brand or where you bought the product, you can rely on Cates for a service solution.

RESOLVE. Your operation is on the line, so we’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy your service needs – around the corner or across the country.

In-House VFD Repair

We perform VFD repair services at our state-of-the-art facility for drive maintenance, repair and testing.

SUBMIT. If you need a VFD repaired, you can drop it off or ship it to us.

REPAIR. We’ll troubleshoot, repair and test the VFD for you.

RETURN. Once repaired we can ship the drive to you or hold it for pickup.

Variable frequency drive repair services shop shown from above the Houston shop repairs under ABB VFD warranty 24 X 7 X 365

Have an old drive sitting on a shelf?

Get it to us today and we’ll clean it, reform the capacitors and test it for you. In the rare event we cannot repair a part ourselves; we’ll send it out and oversee the job for you.

Proactively getting equipment repaired costs less and is less stressful than paying rush charges when you suddenly need it as a replacement!

Drive Startup

When it comes to supporting AC & DC drives, Cates has you covered! Drives purchased from us along with our startup services come with an extended manufacturer warranty. For example, if you buy an ABB VFD from Cates, ABB will extend your warranty.

Engineering Support

Having issues with an industrial control system we installed? Call us around the clock for support.

Cates VFD repair shop in Houston does standard or emergency on-site repairs on ABB family of drives under ABB VFD warranty

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