Industrial automation project management keeps you informed

You know that conversation. The one where your boss asks the status of your automation project. We want to ensure you look awesome in front of the boss by always knowing the answer. Cates uses the PMI system for industrial automation project management to yield consistent results on every project and keep you informed.

PMI for Industrial Automation Project Management

Why a Project Management System?

  • A well-defined process prevents excessive program additions and changes from causing delayed schedules and overspent budgets.
  • We use the system developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • PMI has over 600,000 members, 300 global chapters, and leads standards development for project management worldwide.
  • The PMI system gives us a consistent and predictable approach that ensures projects meet schedule and budget objectives.

What is the PMI Process?

The PMI system includes five process groups. These same steps are used for every project, which establishes consistency and allows continuous improvement.


Project is authorized and launched.


Project objectives are defined and the best course of action is selected.


People and resources are coordinated to implement the project plan.


Process is monitored; deviations from the project plan are addressed.


Formal project completion is accepted and project is officially closed.

PMI Certified Project Managers

  • Cates project managers are PMI certified project management professionals (PMP)
  • To become certified, certain levels of education and experience must be achieved
  • A rigorous, examination-based professional certification program must be completed
  • Our project managers effectively use the PMI system to ensure your projects meet objectives

Consistent Project Results

  • Higher Quality
  • Clear definition of objectives and progress tracking
  • Proactive issue resolution and better results
  • The same methodology is used on every project
  • Objectives are consistently met on time and within budget

Increased Control and Confidence

  • Regular meetings and status reports
  • Team members stay up to date on milestones and progress
  • Changes are controlled to ensure successful results
  • Every project is overseen by a PMI certified PMP

Here Comes the Boss!

Don’t Panic Over Project Status

At Cates we don’t think you should ever have to look like this when your boss comes down the hall to check your automation project’s status.

You Can Relax with the PMI Process

Boss coming around the corner? No problem. We use the PMI system at Cates so you can relax knowing you’ll always have the current project details.

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