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An Advertising Agency That Makes Decisions Supported by Solid Research

There are so many marketing tactics available to your business. But which media do you choose?

An award-winning marketing firm and advertising agency, we provide marketing consulting, as well as media research, planning and rate negotiation. Our media research provides you with the necessary data about each prospective radio, tv station, newspaper, magazine, billboard, as well as online outlet, so you can make smart buying decisions that are supported by solid research. Our comprehensive media plans ensure that your advertising dollars are diversified, so that each of your target markets are reached effectively – with a powerful punch that gets results.

Services include:

  • Media Research: Research of media opportunities, summary of rates, initial rate negotiation – and our recommendations

  • Media Buying: Rate negotiation, placement and all contact with media pertaining to the scheduling of ads

  • Agency of Record: Acts as your liaison between you and the media. All sales inquiries are routed through us. Receive better placement, better pricing, and avoid the headaches with multiple media billing departments – all handled by us.

  • Advertising Plan: A detailed report that includes all details pertaining to your plan, so you know what’s running every day of the year

  • Creative: Creative concepts, design and content of ads

  • Production: Ads for tv, radio, print, online, and outdoor media

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