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Need help improving your process? As industrial automation system integrators for over 40 years, Cates has the experience to help with complex engineering challenges. We specialize in designing and implementing control systems for precision processes. With extensive knowledge of process automation in various industries, our engineers can help you reach your manufacturing goals.

We Engineer It – from Corporate ERP to Plant Floor

Our team can help you increase production, improve quality and reduce costs through system integration —from your Corporate ERP (enterprise resource planning) system all the way to the devices on your plant floor. We offer enterprise-wide expertise and experience with a wide variety of industrial automation hardware.

Complete System Integration

Process Automation Expertise

Cates Advantages

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of process automation in different industries. We have successfully completed projects for manufacturers of various sizes.

  • Provide technical services for entire enterprise
  • Offer platform-independent approach — experienced with wide variety of PLCs and OITs from leading manufacturers
  • Use proven execution process — PMI® certified project managers ensure quality results

Continuous Improvement

Full Range of Engineering Services

  • Programming
  • Legacy System Upgrades
  • Electrical Control Panel Design
  • Project Management

System Integration and

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Operator Interface Terminals
  • Custom Dashboard Solutions
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Servo Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Smart Manufacturing/IIoT Implementation
  • Batch Solutions
  • Safety

Improve Your Control Process

  1. Understand your control processes
  2. Assess current control system design
  3. Review short-term and long-term objectives and requirements
  4. Discuss ways new design reduces cost and increases reliability, efficiency and productivity
  5. Identify best third-party hardware options

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for all your hard work and flexibility on the project, Josh! We really appreciate your dedication to making sure the citric acid skid was a success with the changes. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Anna F.
Specific Shout out to Jerry and Jaime: Was able to have full trust with them on site that the job was being handled. For the amount of work that was done we had minimal to really no significant operational interruptions and when there was it was all hands on deck. A+ crew – Would be happy to work with them at any point.
Michael M.
I appreciate very much the great support you (Vidya) and the team (Food and Beverage) have provided and look forward to introducing the final product to the FL team in Plano. Big thanks to Quincy (Rock Star!!) for helping us take this to the next level. He has delivered and exceeded expectations!
Rogers W.
I just wanted to say that the extra programming I2R was tasked with (unload throttle/ unload and mezz jam counters) have already been utilized and proven very effective in being able to control our building as well as a tool to identifying jam issues. Your crew did an outstanding job!!! I just wanted to say thanks.
Frank V.
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project. This past weekend was a successful and what I would call “refreshing” weekend conversion…When your team completes a job like this you not only meet my expectations but the Purple promise of FedEx Ground. As we continue this project and more challenging conversions ahead continue to build on these principles and we will all be successful.
Jonathan S.

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