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Website Design

When it comes to your website, more people will visit your ‘virtual’ office (your website) than your actual one. So it makes sense to put your best foot forward. If a prospect doesn’t like what they see online – it’s unlikely they will reach out beyond that to meet you in person.

Here’s things we do to make sure your website does its job: tells what you do, why a prospect should trust you and show examples of your product or service.

As a full service marketing firm, we have the ‘trifecta’ that it takes to create an effective and professional website:

1. Designer’s Creativity: our sites are created by graphic designers so they have an attractive look and feel
2. Technical Know-How: we build sites to last. Our sites are stable, built to resist malware. They are mobile friendly and responsive so they look good on a lap-top, phone or desktop.
3. Marketing Savvy: we build websites based on marketing experience. We create paths that encourage visitors to stay on the site and get to know your company.

What happens when this trifecta of knowledge is not utilized? When a site is created by just a designer, the site may look pretty, but it’s slow and wonky – behind the scenes it may not be properly setup. On the flip side, when a ‘techie’ builds a website, it may be fast – but it’s unattractive and the paths are confusing. The best sites are built by an artist, a techie and a marketer. It takes a combination of skills to create a site that looks professional, resists malware and other online foes and is built strategically for success.

Our clients tell us what they like best about working with us is our streamlined process. Once we get to work, we don’t stop until the project is complete. Every client gets their own private website where we track the progress of your project. You know about deadlines, see proofs and stay up-to-date in real-time, 24/7.

Content: Working with professional copywriters help to create content that fits your industry standards and your company. We write in a variety of tones and even use humor if appropriate. We always create a call to action, so it’s clear to your prospect what the next step should be. For websites, we make sure to incorporate important keywords into your content that will boost your search engine rankings.

Design: Our clients tell us they like working with an experienced designer, as their knowledge of graphic design helps them convey important ideas through images and layout. Before we begin the design, we ask our client to complete an intake form so that we know your font, style and color preferences. A ‘comp’ is then created of the website’s homepage. Once that is approved, another proof is created of any inside pages. After they are approved, we get to work building your site.

Functionality: By knowing our client’s goals, we can build a site that does what they want. There are many tasks that can be automated, relieving the burden of having to remember to do certain tasks by hand. There are many additions that can be added to a website to create a more user-friendly customer experience. Our tech savvy team can help advise on add-ons to help make your site an up-to-date tool that works with you and your team.

Metrics: A website can be a powerful marketing tool. So we make sure that the sites we build are equipped with measurable metrics, such as Google Analytics. This way you can know how effective your site is. It can answer such questions as: Who is visiting? How many visitors per day? How long are they staying on your site – and much, much more. This data helps us build better marketing campaigns that pair well with your website.

Do It Yourself Changes: Many clients like that they can make their own changes, anytime of day or night. We recommend using WordPress platforms so that you and your team have control of your site.

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