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Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO

Signs Your Business Is Ready for a Fractional CMO

Never heard of a fractional CMO before? You may not know that you need one.

One of the biggest challenges start up and growing businesses face is how to effectively market their business.

While companies easily outsource their CFO and HR duties, most are unaware that they can do the same thing for marketing – hire a high-level professional for a fraction of the cost of employing someone full time.  By using a Fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) these firms achieve the same positive results as they do when they outsource other critical services.

Here’s 5 signs that a fractional CMO could be just what the doctor ordered:


1. Not ready for a full time marketing director


Fractional CMO services allow start-up and growth companies to retain top CMO talent while only paying a fraction of what it would cost to hire a chief marketing officer full-time.  It gives business owners the type of leadership they otherwise could not afford.


2. An Interim Leader Is Needed – Stat!


As CMOs have lengthy experience and deep industry knowledge, they are effective on day one. They get all third-party vendors on the same page, serve as the communication liaison for all marketing operations, and are the final check of accountability for the company’s marketing strategy.


3. The Sales Team Is On Its Own


If the sales team is creating their own marketing collateral, it’s likely that the branding is getting lost in translation. For marketing to deliver a positive ROI, it needs consistency and clarity in its messaging. A Fractional CMO will improve key messages, confirm goals and identify what makes your business stand out from the others.


4. No one’s in charge of the marketing


Your business may have achieved a certain level of success, but as marketing has gotten more automated and complex, you’re getting left behind. Fractional CMO services provide growing businesses with high level experience and talent right at their fingertips.  With over 300 marketing tools available today, they understand a variety of tactics and recommend tools that work.


5. You don’t have a plan


The often-tried ‘piecemeal approach’ – one with no clear strategy – can actually hurt the business’s brand image. A Fractional CMO’s work includes building long-term strategies that will outlive their contract and establish best practices for the internal teams.


CMOs are executive-level marketing professionals that provide much needed leadership to develop a unified strategy and guide the entire team to success.

Businesses use them for their go-to-market strategies, implementation of best practices, and establishing key performance indicators for their campaigns. They get marketing programs up and running, make adjustments quickly and then hand it over to an inside team or outside agency that can continue the work.

First Impressions provides advisement for businesses who need clarity on their strategy and the type of execution that will bring both short term and long-term success.

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