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Strategic Marketing Action Guide

If you don’t know where you’re going, any route looks fine.

Are you burning up countless hours interviewing suppliers, reading up on tips from experts, absorbing case studies from other companies, trying to piecemeal together a plan that might work for your business?

Maybe it’s time to get direction that’s created just for your company – not somebody else’s.

“My company’s marketing is all over the place. I could really use some help.”

For nearly two decades, we have created marketing concepts for a diverse span of industries: from umbrellas to banks, optometry to legal services, HVAC, education, printing, and more.

Once we understand what makes your company unique – your value proposition – and your target audience, we get to work mapping out a ‘master plan’ for achieving your goals. Our recommendations are based on interviews and hard research, which is why they get such positive results.

What it is:  A Strategic Action Guide

What it does: Provides marketing direction, tactics and tools – the kind that gets executed and delivers results.

  • Saves time by identifying which tools you should be using right now
  • Saves money by preventing wasteful spending on marketing that doesn’t match your goals
  • Promotes action – keeps you on track, moving forward toward your desired results
  • Improves results by using an integrated, layered approach
  • Confirms your target market(s)
  • Identifies your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Confirms your key marketing messages
  • Uncovers untapped income opportunities
  • Recommends marketing tools and the frequency for each tool
  • Provides estimated costs associated with each tool

“Incredible marketing guide! I absolutely love it. This will give me a great perspective with regard to setting our annual marketing budget.”

-ECSI 360

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What We Need From You

  • Owners/Key principals fill out a 2-page questionnaire and participate in a brief phone interview to expand on the details of your company
  • Follow up meeting with FIM Team to explain how to use your Strategic Action Guide

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