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Here’s what business leaders like best about e-newsletters:

  • Helps you stay in touch with your customers and prospects
  • Reminds your customers about your services – so you’re ‘top of mind’ when they are ready to buy
  • Showcases your business as an industry expert

They Get Results.

It takes as few as 5 ‘touches’ up to as many as 20 for a marketing message to catch on, depending on your industry. An e-newsletter acts as a continuous ‘touch’ that helps you stay a top priority, shows off your expertise, and reminds prospects and clients of your services and accomplishments.

This simple addition to your marketing plan can help reach your marketing goals, grow your customer database, and increase your response rate.
While many business owners, leaders and managers understand how cost-effective a consistent company newsletter can be at staying in touch with their clients, many tell us there are 2 reasons they don’t have one:

1) They simply don’t have the time to focus on this in-house; or

2) Their employees don’t possess the skill set needed to complete this type of project.

Steve, president of an HVAC company needed a way to stay in touch with their customers through the change of seasons to encourage service calls. After comparing a few tactics, an e-newsletter seemed like the most cost-effective way to reach out to prospects and customers alike. He chose an online site for creating an e-newsletter – and the price was very affordable. His office manager, Tracy would follow the online tutorials to set it up – all that was left was writing the content. But after 3 months, they were both feeling frustrated. The ‘how to’ videos were not so easy to follow, and it was taking them both longer than expected to get it finished. Who had time to write articles or come up with topic ideas? They needed a time-saving solution – or abandon this project altogether.


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Here’s what business leaders like best about e-newsletters:

  • Helps you stay in touch with your customers and prospects
  • Reminds your customers about your services – so you’re ‘top of mind’ when they are ready to buy
  • Showcases your business as an industry expert

Beware of the top 3 ‘time sucks’ of creating a company newsletter:

  1. Design. Many people who have never worked with a design program before, are surprised to know there’s a learning curve involved. If you don’t have extra time to spare, this can be frustrating to say the least.
  2. Writing. While writing is an everyday skill used by all of us, it’s this step that typically stops a project in its tracks. Thinking up a topic or writing an article can be hard work if you don’t do it all the time, or are distracted by other work responsibilities.
  3. Project Management. Planning ahead to ensure the newsletter goes out on time is key to having a steady newsletter your customers can grow to expect. Ultimately, if one crucial item is not ready, it can cause unexpected delays.

No Time To Do It Yourself?

Since marketing can be a fast-moving world, developing a trusted relationship with a marketing advisor who understands the uniqueness of your company, is accessible, and responsive to your needs may be more cost effective than you think. Our clients tell us they really like the packages that include everything they need.

Just 30 minutes of your time.

Looking for an effective marketing boost? Relax and leave the heavy-lifting to the pros. Our team includes writers, designers and project managers who are experienced in publishing.

Here’s what this ‘hands-off’ project requires from you: a brief phone call to get started, answering of a short questionnaire so we can get to know your company better, plus checking a few emails – and then we take it from there. You’re on your way to having a professional company newsletter.

Our experienced marketing team takes care of:


Your newsletter package includes:

  • An intake meeting (phone or remote) with a project manager
  • A customized newsletter template design for your that matches your logo, website and other branded materials
  • New and interesting topics for each issue, which appeal to your audience and help keep them engaged

Other add-on services include:

    • Results Report so you can see who exactly opened your newsletter and other essential data
    • Scrubbing of Your Database List to ensure that it’s cleared to send out without the worry of blacklisting by  the top-ranked email marketing platforms
    • Extra send outs to increase the rate of reader opens
    • Social Media Postings – convert your newsletter into social media posts to share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
    • Extra meetings


Our professional design team can create an attractive, professional layout for each issue that matches your company’s style and colors.


Having quality, engaging content is an essential part of a successful newsletter that readers look forward to. Crafting a stand-out subject line is crucial for improved open rates.


Your newsletter is scheduled on the ideal day of the month to net the highest open rates, based on research specifically tailored to your industry. Another way to increase your readership by 7-10% is by sending out your newsletter a second time to everyone on your mailing list who didn’t open it the first time.


A Results Report provides the details business owners and managers want to know: is this tactic getting results?

A report provides the names of your clients and prospects who opened your newsletter, what pages they visited on your website, how many times they opened your newsletter, bounces and even more valuable info about your readers.

Learn more about newsletter packages and pricing.

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