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Many business owners and leaders can feel overwhelmed at the idea of marketing their business. Where do we start? What tactics are most likely to work for us? How can we be assured of getting a return on our investment? What should we be doing differently/keeping the same – in this new reality?

The first step of marketing is to have a plan.

Launching a marketing effort without a plan is like embarking on a road trip to a new destination without consulting Google Maps. You might feel like you’re putting miles behind you, but you’re really just sniffing your way and flailing about.

Our clients tell us that what they like best about First Impressions is that we are skilled at developing a comprehensive plan that is customized for just for their unique business and personalized goals.

We gather intelligence from our conversations with you, conduct our own research about what makes you unique,  your idea of a ‘dream client,’  your industry and competitors. We take this knowledge and create materials that support your messages and proposed tactics. Then we execute the plan, and we do it steadily, and consistently.

Nothing we do is “one size fits all.” Our strategic “roadmap” is tailored just for you.

However we also understand that marketing has evolved as consumer behavior changes with the global pandemic. Where a couple of years ago you had a choice of 300 marketing tactics, today there are about a dozen. So First Impressions is nimble. We are not married to just one tactic, as say an SEO or PPC firm might be. As an independent marketing firm, our alliances are to you. We are not obligated to recommend certain tactics. Our goal is to find the best tactics for your company – period.

Next, we have embraced agile marketing so we can push your finely tuned program out the door quickly, then react and change course as necessary, based on feedback and data, so you’re not spending endless dollars on marketing that’s not working for you.

In particular, our clients love the return on investment such as:

  • A large outdoor event which doubled their revenue from one year to the next
  • Generated a ’staggering number of leads’ for an area day camp, from a digital campaign
  • Converted a prospect into a client for a professional services provider, from a webinar campaign demonstrating a 3x return on their investment
  • Increased the referral circle for an IT firm through a social media campaign

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